3D Design . Game Development

We do game development + 3D design

A brief overview of the most popular and well accepted projects currently going on in Decentraland. Your creativity is the limit.

New games, artworks, creatures and business models are still being discovered.

Decentraland Architects is delighted to offer you the opportunity to advertise in Decentraland, at a price that suits all marketing budgets.

Our billboards are situated on key roads and Plazas throughout the Metaverse and will help to send your brand’s awareness through the roof, whether on a single billboard or a campaign package.

You can book our billboards individually or as a pack. Our minimum booking period is one month. We have no restrictions on how many you book. We cater for the small business right through to blue chip companies. We offer a full in-house service from booking to designing your poster and finally erecting it.

Advertising in Decentraland, or any virtual blockchain world, is an attractive proposition. Having your brand displayed in virtual worlds not only increases exposure in-world, but also attracts increased engagement on social media platforms and beyond.

Decentraland Property Agent

Buy Property in Decentraland

The DCL World is just like any city. It has different areas and communities. The value of land varies according to where in the world it is located. This depends on a number of factors.

Through our network of landowners we can find you a property to buy or rent at competitive prices. Our local knowledge of Decentraland will ensure we pick the right location and price.

Property Prices May 2021

Starting from 3000 – 5000$

– No road connection 

– Periphery (outskirts) of the map 

Up to 20,000 – 100,000$ 

– Genesis Plaza connection

– Vicinity of Districts (e.g vegas City, DCL university, Crypto Valley)

– Road connections

Digital Art Gallery for NFT ART

NFT Art Gallery

An NFT Gallery is an Art gallery that displays digital artwork which is for sale. Gallery owners can charge for the right to display artwork or take a cut on any sales generated. Events are often organized for exhibitions. This represents a paradigm shift in the digitization of the art world.

Decentraland Crypto Casino

Crypto Casino

A crypto casino functions similarly to a traditional casino. With established gaming brands like Atari already running their own casino in DCL. This represents a very lucrative opportunity to take advantage of people’s desire to play games and bet as well as socialize and have fun. 

Virtual Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events


The picture below is a screengrab from a virtual event which took place in decentraland. Here a DJ set was going on whilst fans and artists enjoyed the live music being broadcasted across the world. After the performance the attendees received a free NFT which functions like a souvenir which says to others ‘I was there’. Just like the many magnets and trinkets people buy when travelling or the free merchandise handed out for marketing and branding. 

We transform your property

Into an attractive place for users to spend time and crypto