38 Reasons to Be Excited for Decentraland in 2023

Decentraland\’s disruptive nature is often grossly overlooked.

Here’s 38 reasons (in no particular order) to be excited about Decentraland’s development in 2023; one reason for each DLC DAU ;)

1: SDK 7

The launch of SDK 7 is a step which will take Decentraland closer to the envisaged decentralised platform model that rests at the heart of the project. 

The hype is real, and justifiable.


2: A New DCL Editor

DCL has a new ‘all-in-one’ editor on the horizon, with both visual interfaces and code editing capabilities. The aim is to empower technical and non-technical creators alike, and is set to start a content-creation boom. Expect it’s first release in Q1/Q2 2023.

3: Better Multiplayer Support

In 2023, DCL will be launching new architectural designs to ease the process of creating game-servers for multiplayer experiences, with client-based multiplayer support being a default behavior in scenes. Expect multiplayer games to rise in 2023.

4: Emotes

From twekring, to breakdancing, to rock-paper-siccors and hugging; the new emotes systems is set to exponentially change the way users interact with scenes, and with each other. 

Keep an eye on the upcoming emote contest for all the tea: 


4: Decentraland VR

Occulus support in Decentraland is coming, and what makes it even more exciting is that it is a DAO funded, community-led project. Expect to be running around Decentraland in virtual reality by the end of 2023.


  1. Mobile Support

Portability and universality is a big part of SDK 7’s updates. SDK 7 aims to design DCL to run in constrained and remote environments, which can be embedded in mobile devices. Expect updates on this by Q4 2023.

  1. New Engines and Branches

By Q4 2023, you can also expect Decentraland’s Protocol to start being formalized to the point where alnterative versions of Decentraland won’t be too far fetched, with the possible implementation of new engines like Godot and Unreal Engine 5.

  1. Performance Updates

New inbuilt cache/data flows systems in SDK 7 will make the rendering of scenes far smoother and easier to deal with. Expect the render-distance and flow of experiencing DCL’s open world to be far more seamless, with larger render-distances. 

  1. The Rise of the DAO

2023 is to be the year DCL’s DAO really kicks off in terms of organisation and scope. As one of the platform’s fundamental pillers, over a 150% increase in activity, the DAO is set to lead the narrative of Decentralised decision-making in the space.

  1. Immersive In-World Marketplace

The @lastsliceco is working to virtualize all of Decentraland’s dApps and integrate them into Genesis City. Immersive functionality is a must, and expect that to roll out by mid-2023

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  1. Public Land DAO Strategy

Thanks to the @lastsliceco’s proposal, interesting conversations are now being held on developing a governance framework for the use of public land in Genesis City. Expect Plazas and Roads to be teaming with life by the end of 2023.

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  1. Metaverse Music Festival

Coming in November 10-13 2022, you can expect the Metaverse Music Festival to set a splash on what we can begin to expect from Decentraland Festivals in 2023. #MVMF22


  1. MetaTrekkers 

You can never have enough events in DCL, and you can expect @metatrekkers.eth to be actively organising awesome events with artists from all over the music industry in the next 6 months.

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  1. Mental Health in DCL

Together with @mindeasy we’ve launched the first ever Mental Health First-Aid experience in Decentraland. The prototype is still in development, and expect more ground-breaking updates to happen across 2023.

  1. Dynamic Architecture

3D Architecture in Decentraland is taking some massive leaps, with dynamic architecture being a staple new method which content creators are implementing into the space. Expect builds in 2023 to be far more immersive and reactive to user input than ever before.

  1. Music NFTs

Music is a key part of the Metaverse, and @the_BeatBlox has been actively working on solutions to merge music with NFTs in DCL. Conversations are being had, and 2023 looks set to see this roll out.

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  1. VroomWay
    Racing is a big part of the gaming industry, and @Vroomwayio are speeding ahead as pioneers in the P2E racing space. Expect 2023 to be a big year for the project, with the team bringing new reasons to be hyped about it’s development every month.
  1. Quadratic Voting & Funding

Expect the DAO to start seriously addressing the way voting power and funding is allocated and distributed in the DAO; conversations which are sure to set new best-practices and precedents in the field of Decentralised decision-making.

  1. DCL-Metrics

Assuming Decentraland has 38 DAUs is set to be a meme of the past, with new, free services being launched in the field of metrics and traffic tracking. www.dcl-metrics.com is one of those projects, which you can expect to be established by Q1 2023.

  1. DCL-Connect

Hindered by delays in the past, DCL-Connect is a community-built platform which is set to revolutionize how event management and scene curation can be done on the fly, whilst empowering event-managers to be far more effective. Expect it’s launch very early in 2023.

  1. Dice Masters

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for RPGs, and with over 1k players, Dice Masters is set to launch some massive updates by Q2 2023. Get your RP Vibes ready for this project; it’s worth the hype.

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  1. Map Updates

Expect DCL’s map to become far more immersive and representative of what you can find in-world, with 2023 being the likely to be the year that the map is upgraded.

Get a Taste of what’s could be:

  1. Wilderness P2E

Another trailblazing RPG game in DCL; expect Wilderness to be making waves in means which most don’t expect. From AI integration to better Web3 integrations, Wilderness is set to pioneer scene development in 2023. 

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  1. Self-Service Audio & Video Streaming

Issues with video & audio streaming in DCL are set to be an issue of the past with @serraform4 ‘s work in providing scalable solutions to streaming services. Expect moves in Q1 2023.

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  1. CB DCL

Both @CanessaDCL and @SinfulMeatStick have pioneered the community building effort in DCL. Expect 2023 to be the year where the fruits of their effort really kicks off.

Beyond weekly twitter spaces, you can join the discord here:

  1. First In-Person DAO Meetup

Metaverse-Miami is set to be a massive event, and even moreso with the Decentraland Community organising side-events for a first in-person DAO Meetup! Expect news to roll out in the coming months of how this will be done.

  1. Side-Event Strategy

Building on the work set for Metaverse-Miami, you can expect Decentraland to finally have an active and load presence at key conferences organised around the world, with a side-event strategy currently being discussed for 2023.

  1. Retro 2D Client

For all you fellow retro nerds; there’s actually a 2D Retro DCL Client on the horizon, which we can expect in 2023. Get ready to vibe with your 37 friends in 32-bit setting. 

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  1. Metaverse ATMs

Together with @metaarchs, @transak has launched the first ever Metaverse ATM, that is set to roll-out infrastructure for transaction-based projects around Decentraland. Expect 2023 to be the year where this rollout really kicks off! 

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  1. Reformed Grant System

A new grant system is likely on the horizon, where a new structured, proactive approach towards outlining the community’s priorities may be deployed. Structured R&D funds, Side-Events, Marketing, Content Curation, SME Funding and more is expected in 2023. 

  1. Treasury Diversification

Expect the DCL DAO to take new steps in the field of asset diversification and revenue generation in relation to it’s treasury’s health in 2023. This is worth being excited about, as it can open new doors in the field of community-driven projects.

  1. Decentraland Reporter

@kevinonearth’s work with the Decentraland Report cannot be underestimated. Report-to-earn is kicking off, with content creation in the field of reporting being on the rise. Expect 2023 to be a big year for DCL’s reporters.

Learn More:

  1. Operation Population

@metaarchs is planning new structural priorities for our 2023 roadmap, with ‘Operation Population’ being integral to our vision for our place in the Decentraland. Stay tuned for our strategies and commitments in the field of population growth.

  1. New Nodes

Part of our plan for 2023 is to push for the prioritization of new Catalyst Nodes being launched across the world, which will help in decreasing latency and facilitating faster connections to our decentralized world. Expect 2023 to see a boom in the amount of nodes keeping DCL up.

  1. Realms

Additionally, the creative application and ideation of the use of realms will also be a big part of the R&D done in 2023. Expect new realms and nodes to pop up, alongside new conversations on the launch of new cities beyond Genesis City.

  1. Temple

An up-and-coming RPG Game, Temple is another DCL Game worth keeping an eye on in 2023, with infrastructure being layed out for a unique, roll-playing experience in the space. Whilst still in Beta, you can find out more on their twitter: @MetaTempleGame

  1. Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

You can expect MFW2023 to make a splash, especially with the new implications being set out by SDK 7. Top brands, new wearables, and the introduction of emotes only scratches the surface of what we can potentially see next year.

  1. New Documentation Platform

DCL is set to roll out a completely new and revised documentation platform, aimed at empowering content creators and contributors in expanding the DCL platform. Expect this new resource to be finalised in Q1 2023. 

  1. DAO-Foundation Synergies

Decentraland is a young project, with it’s vesting contract locking platform-development until 2030. Expect 2023 to be the year where DAO & Foundation roadmaps finally overlap, with cross-organisational communication happening between both entities.