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This is what the job looks like

Decentraland Architects works with a multitude of different clients coming from all parts of the Metaverse. Lately, demand has far outstripped supply in our market, which is why we’re investing time and resources into expanding our community of developers. 
As a Metaverse Architectyou will become an integral part of our digital community, and a key contributor to the growth and development of the Metaverse Cooperative. With a constant flow of new and recurring clients, we are constantly handing out contract-based projects to our architects, which can have them modelling anything from mansions, to superyatchs, to conference halls, futuristic HQs, to indoor/outdoor furniture, and even digital fashion. 

How much do clients pay for Metaverse work?

Diverse skills are needed

Often, each project requires a varied set of skills to complete, which is why we purposefully aimed to shortlist our team in a way which ensured that no two Metaverse Architects are the same.

Currently, we are working on a training course which will focus on Decentralandbut thanks to the parallel endeavours we’re executing on in The Metaverse Cooperative, we should be launching a new silo dedicated to Sandbox very soon. 

Stronger together

The benefits of putting together a diversified team are twofold


  • The division of labour in large projects can be done according to our varied skill sets.
  • Working in the community will give a multitude of shared opportunities to everyone in the space, whether in the form of business development, or personal development. There’s always someone to work with and learn from!

What if you know nothing?



Don’t worry; you’re part of the majority, not the minority.

The majority of people we meet have ample experience in 3D Design, however, not everyone has had the opportunity to dabble in the Metaverse yet, and honestly, we plan to change that. 


meet our amazing team

 we’re extremely hyped to be launching this next step in our project, and we honestly cannot wait to start exploring all the exciting new spaces and projects in the Metaverse with you.

There’s a ton of opportunities ahead, and we’re confident that together we can develop a community which can pioneer a new wave of thinking which will leave its mark on these technologies before they’re even mainstream. The adoption of the Metaverse seems almost inevitable, and having the opportunity to influence its design, space and trajectory so early-on can prove to be a story for the grandkids down the line.

We hope you’re as eager as we are to embark on this journey.

Time to look ahead!