I sold my latest metaverse architecture for 6 Eth

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Architects of the Metaverse

How architects are breaking free of the concrete limits in real life

What’s the idea behind decentraland architects?

Decentraland is an open world game, you can compare it to Runescape, GTA or Minecraft. The main difference is that plots of land in the game can be bought and developed by users (thanks to blockchain and NFTs). Like in real life, landowners who invest in property do not have the skills to develop their land into a building, they outsource professional services to do this for them (Architects, Contractors etc)

Decentraland Architects combines the real world mantra behind beautiful architecture with user experience, game design and novel digital business models.

The idea behind Decentraland Architects is to transform virtual land in the Metaverse (Virtual world) into an attractive place for users to spend time and cryptocurrency.

At present some well accepted concepts include:

  • Art Galleries for NFT Artwork
  • Mini-games
  • Virtual meetings, incentives, conferences & events
  • Casinos
  • Virtual Shops for luxury brands

    Would you consider yourself to be the first

    architectural firm in the blockchain/decentralised


    We were amongst the first to launch this business model early in March of 2021. It requires multidisciplinary skills, marrying aesthetics and technical knowledge. The space is quite new and it’s not clear which decentralised metaverse will kick off in the long-run. Decentraland was
    conceived in 2017 and became accessible to players & users in 2020. It is currently the most promising metaverse. In 2022 we will start development inside up & coming metaverse worlds like The Sandbox.

    What led you to this idea?

    I spotted an opportunity to service landowners by being a one-stop-shop for the design and animation of virtual world projects. Many landowners are crypto investors speculating on the price of their land. Therefore they lack the skills to 3D design and animate their ideas. I foresee a future where brands and businesses will become more aware of the marketing, branding and ROI opportunities in blockchain powered virtual worlds. Therefore my role is to service businesses that have the capital to invest in virtual buildings and experiences but lack the in-house capabilities to design and develop in decentraland and other metaverse worlds.

    How did it feel to be paid in crypto (ethereum)? Going forward would you consider other crypto payments or would you prefer to stick to bitcoin/ethereum?

    It feels great receiving payment without any processing fees, currency conversions and no hassle from third parties. As a startup, it was a seamless achievement. Volatility of cryptocurrency could result in the value of your assets dropping suddenly. Smart business planning must be carried out through diversifying into other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins or traditional assets. A balance and careful planning is a must. I think this is why lately we have been hearing that the role of a CFO will now include responsibilities such as ‘Master of Coin’.

    What would you say to those who are still doubting cryptocurrency?

    Are there really people left who doubt cryptocurrency? I’d say, don’t let the jargon get in the way. Whether you’re an artist, sports fanatic, accountant or doctor. The underlying technology behind cryptocurrency will impact your industry. Get ahead of the game and start dabbling in the space. Share ideas. Ask Questions. Be Curious.

    Why is the team at Decentraland Architects suited for the job?

    I went all-in on the metaverse when I discovered the connection between NFTs & video-games in February of 2021. (thanks Gary Vee!) At the time the most usable and fun metaverse activity was by far Decentraland. I dreamed up the idea of an architectural firm for Decentraland and used my digital marketing skills to build a web presence. For most of 2021 we did small projects – waifus, small buildings, a farm…then in November we built our first project for a big clients & got featured in the new york times. Now we are regularly meeting with fortune 500 companies & established DAOs, crypto organisations to help them build their first metaverse experiences. I hope to
    continue learning about new metaverses & figuring out what new opportunities our team can try our hand at !