Is the Sandbox Worth building in? Is it a fun Metaverse?


I’m sure you know that The Sandbox is one of the most exciting Metaverse worlds in 2022. Metaverse Architects are official creators for this Metaverse and we’re working to develop 1000 buildings in partnership with Emerald City. 


This is going to be a huge task and we’ve hired a great team of voxel artists to make it happen. 


If you’re an education focused company or are planning a play-to-earn initiative, we’ll be interested in meeting up with you to discuss a possible partnership.


The Sandbox is actually quite difficult to develop at the moment and requires a tedious amount of work to deploy the voxel designs. We hope this changes but even given this limitation. We LOVE the voxel aesthetic and there’s no denying the extremely large number of users that were active on the Alpha. Probably because games are quite interactive and playful compared to current metaverse virtual worlds. 


So it’s safe to say that we’re very open to working on new sandbox projects and with experience building 1000 buildings for Emerald City. We’re definitely pioneers and leaders in the Voxel architecture space and game development.