Metaverse Events out of this world


Metaverse Fashion Week

\"metaverse Forever 21 enters Metaverse Fashion Week with a groundbreaking 3D store. If you pay any attention to the world of technology and media, you can\’t go too far without seeing and hearing about the metaverse. As new as it is, consumers are excited about the possibilities. A survey conducted by NordVPN revealed that 74% of Americans will join or consider joining the metaverse. With all the interest and excitement, some people are still asking, what is there to do in the metaverse? There are a variety of activities already taking place in the metaverse, with more possibilities coming online every day. You can meet up with old or new friends in a virtual digital cafe. You can visit virtual art galleries and browse art you might never be able to see in person. You can play games with people from around the world in the metaverse. It takes online multiplayer to a whole new level by adding the VR experience. You can shop in a new way, and directly interact with the avatars of sellers and other buyers. You can even collaborate with team members around the world. Instead of meeting for a two-dimensional video conference, you can now create a three-dimensional virtual workspace and gather your together in unique, digital environments. \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" However, if you want to know where the most exciting action is, be on the lookout for Metaverse events. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of in-person events to go digital. Now, the introduction of the metaverse is allowing virtual events to grow to the next level. Instead of just watching a two-dimensional stream from home, participants can now get in on the action by entering a dynamic, three-dimensional virtual environment, which substantially elevates a user’s digital experience. Instead of simply gathering people in a video call, metaverse events are leveraging the power of disruptive tech, to provide never-before seen experiences which are taking the world by storm. So far, it looks like metaverse events will upend the events industry. According to a research report by the investment giant Grayscale, the Metaverse industry is expected to quickly grow to over one trillion dollars by 2030, with events projected to be a major part of the sector’s growth. However, that is likely just the start. Whilst new metaverse events are popping up every single day, a few have already proven to be massively successful. Below are just some of the most popular metaverse events, giving you plenty of ideas of what you can experience in the metaverse. \"\"

A Metaverse Event with Style: Fashion Week

2022 marked the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week, billed as the world\’s biggest, entirely digital fashion week. The first year of the annual event saw some of the biggest brands in fashion turn out to get in on the action. They included Dolce & Gabbana, Guo Pei, Jacob & Co, Vogue Arabia, The Fabricant, and Forever 21. The annual fashion week metaverse event is hosted by Decentraland, one of the major players in today\’s metaverse. The platform helps arrange four days of fashion experiences, pop-up shops, and even afterparties. At the center of Metaverse Fashion week is a virtual version of a fashion staple, the runway. Brands show off their latest fashions on virtual catwalks.  Forever 21 are making waves across the Decentraland community for their innovative use of technology to create an experience that can not be replicated in real life. Through the use of industry-changing instancing and zoning techniques, the team at Metaverse Architects have gone above-and beyond in designing a staple architectural space, which innovatively delivers a unique shopping experience that encapsulates sounds, digital art and the development of proprietary technology, which takes full advantage of the opensource Decentraland Metaverse.  Moreover, attendees to the Forever 21 Store will be benefiting from free giveaways, free airdrops and free promotional gifts which include over a thousand unique items, NFTs and wearables, as a promotion to attract new users to visit and interact with the store.  You can visit the property by following this link and experience the Metaverse Fashion Week for yourself.