Metaverse Opportunities for Decentraland and The Sandbox

Welcome to this Metaverse Guide prepared for you by Luca Arrigo the founder of Metaverse Architects.  A leader in this space who has been active since 2019 in participating in the Decentraland DAO, architecting builds in Decentraland, The Sandbox and launching multiple NFT projects for his brands ever since their emergence in the crypto market. 


If you’ve got any questions that you want to be answered specifically feel free to book a consultation. 


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Depending on what you need… from Low Poly 3D modelling, Voxel architecture, Land Renting, Land purchasing, Metaverse Advisory and anything else you need to create a great experience for your brand in the Metaverse…


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How we started an advisory & architecture company for the metaverse 

Since we started as consultants for the Metaverse, people often wonder what we do.


I’m very thankful to have had this opportunity to lead a company of experienced 3D Modelers and talented programmers to the forefront of the Metaverse market. Our team, whcih is based in Malta & the USA, has industry-leading experience building in the Metaverse, with past skill-sets ranging from building on CGI models for Hollywood movies, to building in second life to now pioneering blockchain virtual spaces. 


We also act as advisors to up & coming Metaverse projects and would be happy to share our predictions for the coming months. 


Most newcomers to the space find it very interesting, so I thought I’d share the secret on how to become successful in this industry.


You’ve got to take time to learn the jargon. That means diving deep into whitepapers and SDKs, talking with community members, and experimenting in your free time. 


In the past year we’ve built for some of the world’s most innovative brands, such as a publicly traded company known as


We’re also proud to hold the record for the tallest tower in Decentraland done for and have experience creating exclusive and immersive event experiences such as the Rare.Store event in collaboration with 


So that’s an example of the work we do.

The Metaverse is the new land of opportunity 

We’ve created a unique system that is perfect for startup initiatives. The process is an efficient and cost friendly 7 day sprint to create a minimal viable project for you and your brand in the Metaverse. 


We’ve done this many times and can customize a great looking building that is white labeled for your brand. It’s a perfect strategy for small estates and parcels. 


This includes full utility for NFT displays, Ecommerce functionality, Video streaming and anything you can imagine. 


The most important thing however is to narrow down the deliverables to the core features you need in the short time available. 


After the MVP is built we’ll help you to deploy it on your land and you can get to work marketing and promoting your property as THE place in the Metaverse for your audience to interact with your brand. 


You’ll also have a working example that can be used to raise funds from sponsors or investors to take the development further. We’ll be happy to help you here and work together to continue developing deeper and more meaningful Metaverse Experiences. 


Our goals with an MVP are to create new income streams whilst moving quickly and being first to market. 

A-Z services for the Metaverse 

We started Metaverse Architects way before Mark Zuckerbourg decided to rebrand to Meta. This gives us years of knowledge and experience with the relevant technologies and tools to help your brand to take advantage of innovative business models and immersive brand experiences. 


To help the newbies we’ve created a bespoke end to end consulting and advisory service. We’re here to expedite your understanding of not only The Metaverse, but Crypto, Web 3.0, and DeFi which all play a major role in maximizing your land investment.  


We will act as your “Virtual Real Estate Agent” and land developer and will keep you up to date with weekly reports on the Metaverse. We will fully facilitate your land purchase and/or sale in the future through our brokerage partner Secure Digital Markets as well as providing rental and lending opportunities through our partner EnterDAO.


P.S. Need help planning out your Metaverse moves without any hassle? Just book a call with me. The worst thing that can happen is entering a new market without the necessary research. 

Is the Sandbox Worth building in? Is it a fun Metaverse

I’m sure you know that The Sandbox is one of the most exciting Metaverse worlds in 2022. Metaverse Architects are official creators for this Metaverse and we’re working to develop 1000 buildings in partnership with Emerald City. 


This is going to be a huge task and we’ve hired a great team of voxel artists to make it happen. 


If you’re an education focused company or are planning a play-to-earn initiative, we’ll be interested in meeting up with you to discuss a possible partnership.


The Sandbox is actually quite difficult to develop at the moment and requires a tedious amount of work to deploy the voxel designs. We hope this changes but even given this limitation. We LOVE the voxel aesthetic and there’s no denying the extremely large number of users that were active on the Alpha. Probably because games are quite interactive and playful compared to current metaverse virtual worlds. 


So it’s safe to say that we’re very open to working on new sandbox projects and with experience building 1000 buildings for Emerald City. We’re definitely pioneers and leaders in the Voxel architecture space and game development. 

World Record For The Tallest Tower in Decentraland

Do you know that Metaverse Architects holds the record for building the tallest tower in Decentraland? 


This was done for back in January of 2022. 


It’s quite likely that we’ll hold this record for many years to come – reason being the land prices in Decentraland are through the roof and it’s getting more difficult to find large enough estates. 


The height of buildings in Decentrland is fully dependent on the amount of land owned. This works using a log formula which means that the larger number of properties in the estate the higher you can go but the less impactful an additional plot is to the height of the building. 

Why Decentraland & Sandbox are NOT a Metaverse

Are we being told a lie ? Decentraland & Sandbox are NOT truly a Metaverse! 


Well in truth it’s not a lie but a matter of refining our definitions. 


The Metaverse is not a place or a platform. Decentraland & Sandbox are platforms. 


The Metaverse is a set of concepts & principles collected through literature over the last 40 years. One of these main principles is interoperability. 


Essentially for me to accept that the Metaverse has arrived, I should be able to walk through a door in Decentraland which takes me to The Sandbox. There would be a door for Somnium space, crypto voxels and every single Metaverse that is created in the coming years. 


That is when we can finally say the Metaverse is here. When interoperability is solved. 


We’re investing our time heavily into working with open stands for interoperability. It is not a monopoly that should be created but an open model for the Metaverse that allows equal access and resists censorship or control by bad actors. 


Pretty much we are aiming for an Internet of Metaverse. The true web 3.0. 

Is Decentraland the Bitcoin of the Metaverse? 

Decentraland is the first blockchain virtual world that has come to be defined as the original metaverse project of the decade. 


It’s long history of land distribution has resulted in the 90k+ parcels having been bought and sold by thousands of people over the last years. 


This decentralization in land ownership and creation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has resulted in a community governed world that is yet to be challenged on these principles. 


This reminds me a lot of bitcoin because just like bitcoin, Decentraland is first. It’s technology might lag behind the new metaverse projects. Just like Ethereum has more functionality than bitcoin. But it’s supply is fixed and scarce. It’s brand is strong and it’s community is consistently turning up to continue its development and ensure that Decentraland remains an interesting and exciting Metaverse to explore and discover.