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Pax World Architects 


The Pax World Architects is a 3D Modelling & Game Development studio for the Metaverse. We design and develop for Decentraland, The Sandbox and all Metaverse worlds. Bringing your brand to the Virtual World in a playful and engaging way.

In this post we’re going over the following point to give you an idea on what Pax World offers and how we can help you here at Metaverse Architects. 


Why Build On The Pax World Metaverse

The metaverse was first conceived in sci-fi books like ‘SnowCrash’ and became tangible with experiments like ‘Second Life’. Today games like Roblox have proved the model is ripe for business. Blockchain metaverse projects are creating a new paradigm to real estate ownership.

We’re Here To Bring Your Pax World Idea To Life

With technology quickly advancing, new business models are developing on the metaverse. We specialize in developing property on the metaverse that is designed to give a return on your investment.


Talented Pax World Architects For The Metaverse

Our team of game developers, architects and digital entrepreneurs are well positioned to build your business on the metaverse. Hailing from Malta, we’ve got the experience and regulatory know-how to develop exciting experiences, virtual HQs & Events. 


Introducing, an open metaverse for all

Communication is one of our greatest needs and one that has evolved over the ages to become richer and more meaningful. Today we stand at the cusp of a major shift that aims to set the future path for this evolution.

Advances in hardware and software technologies mean we can take part in experiences more immersive and personalized than ever before, and Facebook’s decision to move into the metaverse is a massive move in this direction.


At, the team believed in this future even before it became popular.

In fact, they’ve been working on their own metaverse platform for a few years and completed their first iteration in early 2020.

Today, is an open metaverse that is strategically designed to elevate the metaverse experience in an accessible manner for the widest possible user base.

Endless possibilities for a wider range of communities.’s development and design has been motivated by the need to address some of the major hurdles to adoption when it comes to virtual worlds and related technologies.


Pax World kept their hardware requirements to a minimum and have ensured that users can access from both desktop and mobile devices.


Moreover, integrates some of the popular communication tools in use today, such as video and audio calls as well as streaming and broadcasting mechanisms, creating a hybrid environment that combines 3D models with life-like interaction abilities.


Live face-scanning feature in’s demo.


Gamification and play-to-earn mechanics are also a central part of’s design and will play a key role in user acquisition and continued engagement.


Unlike other metaverses, pax world will be incentivizing user participation in various forms, fostering an interactive community, driven by value-added interactions.


Our list of industry-leading features is extensive, but some of the key highlights include:


  • Metaverse built using the Unity 3D game engine
  • Ability to experience through desktop, VR and mobile devices
  • Zoom-style video and audio streaming capabilities within the metaverse
  • High-definition video and audio broadcasting capabilities for massive virtual events
  • Extremely low hardware requirements ( can run on a $300 Chromebook)
  • Play-to-earn mechanics for incentivizing user participation and content creation
  • Custom 3D spatial audio and video along with text chat engine
  • Fully-customizable avatar engine
  • Custom 3D asset loaders and virtual land generation
  • Integration with NFTs (non-fungible tokens)
  • Ability to create AI NPCs (in-game bots)
  • Land ownership as well as power and influence leveling up mechanics


Pax World believes that their industry-leading features can play an integral role in a variety of scenarios, ranging from socialization to education, entertainment and commerce.


Original screenshot from’s demo. is fully capable of meeting the needs of both producers and consumers and allows businesses of all categories to create virtual presences and offer services. Some examples of in-world commercial activities include:

  • Art galleries displaying and auctioning high-value NFTs
  • Gaming centers with a variety of experiences for users
  • Advertising on virtual spaces and in-world attractions
  • Educational centers for interactive learning experiences
  • Venues and arenas for concerts and live performances
  • Virtual business headquarters and customer support centers


Currently, there are a lot of exciting developments on the horizon for and they will be revealing more in due course, including the choice of public blockchains for deployment, the metaverse’s native token and the economy.


They will also be hosting demo meetups in the coming weeks and will be inviting community members to experience first-hand. Follow their socials for more updates.


A sneak peek into the metaverse ecosystem & economy is a ready-to-deploy open metaverse platform with advanced audio, video and chat features as well as life-like avatars with facial scanning and more. They’ve been busy whitelisting our initial backers and have started securing strategic partnerships already.


Those who are familiar with know that it is designed to provide rich, interactive experiences that facilitate socialization, education, entertainment, commerce and more. This is achieved via a performance-optimized virtual world with users having the ability to build and buy 3D assets like buildings and highly detailed models.


You can place billboards, commercial spaces and much more.


The creation of in-world assets broadly revolves around real estate and items/models, both of which require’s native token PAXW. This token also serves as an incentivization mechanism for users and facilitates the creation of a virtual economy.


This means brands and businesses that enter can buy land with $PAXW and stake $PAWX to build items, all of which can be part of their own sub-verses. These sub-verses can be fully customized by each brand according to their own themes and style choices and can serve various purposes, ranging from customer support centers to virtual product showcases, events, broadcasts, meetups, auctions and more. Brands can, if needed, also issue their own in-world tokens and use integrated payment solutions to facilitate their customers wanting to make in-world purchases.


Real estate itself is a commodity in and serves as an integral part of the ecosystem, landowners can sell their properties or lease them to users or businesses wanting to set up their own spaces in the world.


Apart from in-world assets, also supports micro-transactions for in-world services. For instance, a brand can organize an event and hire performers, all of whom can be paid in-world. Similarly, creators can also monetize their creations by selling them as NFTs. The possibilities are endless as fosters its own digital economy that is inclusive and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.


All of this doesn’t even touch upon the possibilities with third-party integrations and engagements spanning multiple sub-verses within

Pax vs. the rest — How stacks up against the competition?

In this post, we will go over some of the specific advantages of using over other metaverse platforms and how all the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes makes a huge difference.


1) Life-like avatars with face-scanning

It is common for games and online platforms to allow the creation of avatars that represent their users. In they also support the use of regular avatars, however, they’ve also added the ability for users to scan their faces (with a webcam) and have them rendered onto their avatars.


This makes it possible for us to generate life-like avatars that are fairly easily recognizable as their real-world counterparts. We believe this is an important option for users to have, especially as we bring more real-world interactions into the metaverse, such as education and entertainment.


Currently this is not an option available in competing platforms, all of which take an overly animated approach that is not always suitable for all use cases.


2) Very low hardware requirements and browser support’s vision of accessibility required that it be available across all platforms and run on regular browsers. This means you can enter via a PC, Mac or phone using any browser and still experience the key features.


Currently only Decentraland can be run on a browser while The Sandbox only supports Windows OS with a downloadable client (can’t run in-browser).


Not only this, running is possible even on a $300 Chromebook with modest hardware due to our ongoing optimizations. This very low hardware requirement means even users from developing regions with limited access to powerful hardware don’t have to miss out on the metaverse experience.


3) Advanced audio and video capabilities

Rich communication requires powerful audio/video tools and prioritizes this with support for spatial audio and video and the ability to broadcast audio/video content for a variety of purposes.


These experiences are further enhanced by audio and video chatting abilities for all users, meaning they can talk and display their webcam views in-world — something not supported by other competitors.


You can think of’s audio/video capabilities as a Zoom call within the metaverse.


4) Support for low-cost in-world transactions

Unlike competitors, nearly all of which use the Ethereum network, is going to utilize Binance Smart Chain to make in-world transacting significantly cheaper and faster. Today the average cost of Ethereum transactions makes them prohibitive for all but the “crypto rich” but that changes with and is inline with our goal of accessibility.


5) Exclusive NFTs and unique virtual land ownership mechanisms

Our rich communication tools and an accessible experience is only the start, we’ve got various exclusive NFT integrations planned alongside unique land sale/purchase/lease mechanisms that will reward land owners in ways not currently possible.


Pax World Architects


Pax World Architects is a bootstrapped startup that has pioneered development of the first blockchain metaverse which is reaching mass adoption


We started small and dreamed big – today we offer dynamic services from contracting to consulting. 


Decentraland & The Sandbox are difficult to develop in because they require multidisciplinary skills and understanding of 3D design, Coding & blockchain technology


Property owners do not have the skills necessary to 3D design and develop on the Pax World Metaverse. 


That’s where we come in…


We’re here to help entrepreneurs & companies that lack the in-house skills and are looking to subcontract.