We’re on a mission to build wicked architecture & impactful experiences.



Metaverse Architects was started in March of 2021. As the founder of the business I theorized that metaverse property owners need support from professionals to develop their property. In addition I imagined that businesses will soon be rushing to enter the metaverse for marketing, investment and ecommerce opportunities.

So I guess you can say we’re pioneer’s in Metaverse Architecture

  • Specialising in voxel design
  • Game development
  • Play-To-Learn
  • Play-To-Earn
  • Property Management 
  • Innovation in game design

We build for prestigious brands and use our creativity to invent new business models. Our goal is to turn your property into an attractive place for users to spend time and SAND$. 

Our team features rockstar developers who have been designing virtual worlds since 2001 and young rising talent that made a name for themself in traditional voxel games. 

The founders are league of legends gamers with a shared history of minecraft adventures. We’re on a mission to build wicked architecture & impactful experiences.